A fraudulent transfer is an attempt to avoid debt by transferring money to another person.

Kentucky Law: Fraudulent Transfers

KRS Summary on Fraudulent Transfers By: Jamie L. Harris A fraudulent transfer (fraudulent conveyance) is an attempt to avoid debt by transferring money to another person or company. It is often an issue in debtor/creditor relations, particularly in bankruptcy when referring to insolvent debtors. Kentucky Revised Statute 378.010 provides, in pertinent part,

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Small Business Bankruptcy Options

Small Business Bankruptcy

If your small business is struggling with debt, bankruptcy relief may be an option. You’re lying awake at night wondering how you’re going to make payroll.  Many of your suppliers are threatening to switch you to cash on delivery (COD) or to cancel your account all together.  You know the

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How will filing bankruptcy affect my credit score?

Credit Score and Bankruptcy FAQ

How will filing bankruptcy affect my credit score? The impact of bankruptcy on your credit score is a common fear. You may have questions like: Will my credit score be ruined forever? How long will it take to bounce back? Will I ever get credit again? The thought of living

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Contractual Due Diligence Clause

Kentucky Law: Contractual Due Diligence Clause

Is a Non-Disclosure Claim Under a Claim Purchase Agreement Viable Under Kentucky Law Where There is Contractual Due Diligence Clause? By: Michael J. Gartland, Esq. The assertion of a claim for failure to disclose material information after a closing under an asset purchase agreement is not out of the realm of possibility. 

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prejudgment attachments in kentucky

Prejudgment Attachment in Kentucky

PreJudgment Attachment in Kentucky By: Jamie L. Harris, Esq. In Kentucky, in order to obtain a prejudgment attachment, the plaintiff must comply with the requirements of KRS 425.301 et seq.to justify attachment. Under KRS § 425.301(3), before an order of attachment shall issue prior to judgment, the plaintiff must first

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preference actions, Kentucky bankruptcy law

Preference Actions Under Kentucky Law

Kentucky Law: Preference Actions  Kentucky’s law on preferences provides as follows: Any sale, mortgage or assignment made by a debtor and any judgment suffered by a defendant, or any act or device done or resorted to by a debtor, in contemplation of an insolvency and with the design to prefer

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coal, oil and gas, bankruptcy

Oil and Gas Bankruptcy Filings: March Madness with more to come

Oil and Gas Bankruptcy Filings: March Madness with more to come By Laura Day DelCotto Texas saw two sizable back-to-back chapter 11 bankruptcy filings within the last week in the oil and gas sector. Analysts (correctly) predict this is the calm before the storm absent a price increase. While Kentucky

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PSA: Cold Call Virus Scam

PSA: Cold Call Virus Scam By: Ashley Grigsby I received a phone call today from someone claiming to be from “Windows”. He said my computer had a virus. He was calling to help me fix the issue. Right… If you receive a random call from someone requesting access to your computer,

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