Mediation and Financial Distress

“Analysis, Strategy, Results” guides everything we do at DelCotto Law Group.  Our approach involves assessing many potential solutions, even non-traditional, “outside-the-box” ideas.  This focus on resolution permeates our mediation practice, too.    

Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution directed by a neutral mediator who works with the parties to generate a voluntary resolution of their dispute.  Solutions are not limited to those a court might provide, and parties tend to live up to voluntary agreements more than court-imposed resolutions.   A mediator can focus on facilitating the parties’ direct discussions, or provide an informal evaluation of the parties’ positions in order to focus on solutions rather than differences.  In or out of the bankruptcy system, individuals and businesses in financial trouble need an economical method to alleviate the financial distress.  Mediation offers an economical, confidential path to a “win-win” resolution rather than the lengthy and expensive “win-lose” model of the legal system.

As a complement to his law practice, DLG Member Dean A. Langdon offers mediation of bankruptcy, commercial, and business disputes.  Dean has served as a mediator and arbitrator in a variety of civil disputes for more than twenty years.  Dean has been recognized as the Arbitrator of the Year by the Central Kentucky Better Business Bureau, where he regularly provides volunteer arbitration and mediation services.  A former Chairman of the Board of the Mediation Center of Kentucky, Inc., Dean has also been recognized for his mediation skills as a past recipient of the Center’s Mediation Award for Outstanding Mediation Services.  Dean is certified in consumer bankruptcy by the American Board of Certification,[1] and he has focused his legal career on debtor/creditor relations.  To weave these experiences together with his mediation skills, Dean completed the American Bankruptcy Institute’s inaugural Mediation Training program at St. John’s University, which provided invaluable resources that he applies regularly in both mediations and his law practice.  With an understanding of the legal, financial, and practical issues that permeate any dispute, Dean helps parties recognize the value of a negotiated, voluntary settlement.

If you are involved in a civil dispute or bankruptcy matter that may benefit from mediation services, contact DelCotto Law Group to schedule a consultation with Dean.

[1] Kentucky does not recognize specialties in legal fields.


Effective Methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution
Although there are many types of ADR, the most common forms are negotiation, mediation, and arbitration.Regardless of which form a party chooses to pursue, ADR can be a very effective tool for assisting disputing parties with settling their differences both efficiently and equitably

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