The sooner you plant that tree, the greater the amount of shade you can ultimately provide. Planning for our future, and the future of our loved ones, is a constant concern, but often an underutilized action.

Our Mission

DelCotto Law Group wants to bring ease to Kentucky residents by educating individuals and families about the options available to plan and organize their futures, and by encouraging the utilization of these options. Often, the stress and confusion that occurs after an unexpected illness, death, or disability can be minimized by planning for the future.

Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning is a comprehensive approach to ensure that the assets you, or your parents, have worked so hard to obtain, are preserved, organized, and prioritized in a manner that best suits you and your unique situation.

Illness, disability, and unexpected circumstances are terrifying, and the legal issues created by these circumstances often worsen the situation. Developing a thoughtful plan for asset protection, care, and support can bring clarity in a time of chaos. DelCotto Law Group utilizes traditional asset-focused planning that can help qualify clients for public benefits, preserving family wealth, while also utilizing modern care coordination and estate planning.

Our attorneys will work with you and your other trusted financial advisors to develop a comprehensive plan to best protect and maximize your assets for the long term and the future. When desired, DelCotto Law Group also ensures every customized life care plan is complete by working with a team of experienced financial advisors and long-term care professionals in order to fully explore all issues presented and options available.

You have worked hard for what you have, and DelCotto Law Group would like to help protect what you have for the future.

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ElderCare—Financial Literacy for Seniors
ElderCare—Financial Literacy for Seniors

The ElderCare program, sponsored by the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges, is designed to teach financial literacy to seniors.

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