Tax Workouts

By: Jamie L. Harris If you or your company is dealing with tax debt, getting resolution of the debt can seem overwhelming, especially when penalties and interest are considered.  Typically, whether you are dealing with the state or federal government, payment plans are available.  Sometimes, penalties can be waived as

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Interest Rates and Tax Claims

By: Laura Day DelCotto I learn something new every day, so it keeps this life fun. Somehow, I don’t remember ever specifically focusing on 11 USC §511 in all these years of confirming plans.   With interest rates moving so often this year (and in the wrong direction from borrowers’ perspective),

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Death Spiral: The Taxes Conundrum

Death Spiral: The Taxes Conundrum By: Laura Day DelCotto, Esq. Connecticut just raised taxes…. Again.  The state’s two- year $40.3 billion budget includes a projected $1.5 billion increase in tax revenues. The top individual tax rate increased from 6.7% to 6.99%.  A “temporary” 20% surtax on corporate taxes became permanent,

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Five Key Debtor Duties in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Five Key Debtor Duties in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy involves substantially more effort than the filing of the bankruptcy petition and related documents. Upon filing for Chapter 11 relief, a debtor has new duties and is commonly referred to as a “debtor-in-possession.” The debtor has fiduciary

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