Increased fuel prices have taken a toll on many aspects of the American economy in the last decade.  One of the most severely affected industries is the trucking industry, which has been faced with increased operational costs due to growing fuel prices, as well as decreased revenue associated with a lower demand for goods that are typically shipped from manufacturer to merchant.  These issues, coupled with any number of other possible problems, often result in a cash crunch that renders a business unable to satisfy all of its financial obligations.

DelCotto Law Group has experience in assisting both single-unit operators and businesses with multi-unit fleets through this financial turmoil, in and out of bankruptcy.  We have experience with analyzing and addressing key issues that are common to the trucking industry.  We can help navigate to positive results with critical vendors, including fuel suppliers and repair and maintenance facilities, as well as assessing potential motor carrier tax issues.  We can work with you to streamline your business through the sale of unprofitable units and/or real estate, or the renegotiation or surrender of units and/or properties to a secured creditor or lessor in exchange for a reduction or elimination of indebtedness.  DelCotto Law Group understands the importance of logistics and the interplay between clients, regulators, drivers and creditors for the companies that transport necessary products throughout our country.